Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain drops on the window

Eating out the stress is not a good idea - but it is a quick fix.

Last week was the tipping point of exhaustion. It sneaked up so unexpectedly! I was pretty energetic on Monday, then it all fell apart. I blame:

a) The block days. They aren't always awful, but it takes a whole 'nother level to handle them for me.
b) The earthquake drill.
c) The weather.
d) The new girl who got suspended on her first day because she got into a fight.
e) Parents.
f) Going to meetings when I would rather be doing something else.
g) Me.

I'm so glad for the weekends. And going to teacher-Bunko-night was a good idea. It took me out of myself for a little bit, and relieved some stress. Considering the racket we made, I think pretty much everyone is stressed out at this point. It sucks, but it's nice to know we are all in it together too.

It's also nice to know Monday is a fresh start. Everyday is a fresh start. And I suppose it's high time I had a bad week, after all the good weeks I've had so far.

Thank goodness for Veteran's Day and the furlough day after it. November has about 10 teaching days total. It's going to be lovely to be well-rested!

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