Friday, November 19, 2010

Lunch with the teachers

Today was the second and last day of parent/teacher/student conferences. Overall, it was pretty fun. Fun as in getting to hang out with all the other teachers all in the same room as we waited for our conference appointments. Not really fun with the bad conferences - but there were only two bad conferences for my own students. And one bad conference for as a translator.

Since we had the luxury of something more than a 20 minute lunch today, some of the other teachers went out to lunch. It was so much fun! I work with some really great teachers, and great people too.

I'm sick once again. This time, I feel way more sore and achy - last time it was all sinus. I'm so glad I have a week off.

I'm also glad I stayed at school until 5:30 today. Cleaned up and did all the back up grading that had piled up over the past two days because I was so busy running around from conference to conference  and didn't really get a chance to sit down and do anything productive. The room is in order for Monday after the break. My mind, and my lesson plan ideas however, are not.

Ah~ I guess I have some homework to do over the break.

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