Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mental health day

I'm not exactly sick, but I'm not exactly well either.

It's really difficult to find a sub who can teach math.

I'm not going to have another chance to have an "easy" teaching day (all classes are taking tests tomorrow) any time soon, and I KNOW I'm going to need a day off before Christmas break. Definitely over-exerted myself during the 1st quarter, and haven't quite recovered.

Thus, I'm taking my first official mental health day tomorrow.

Will still go in, after school, to get stuff done. I might even go in the morning too. That's dedication, right? When I'm not feeling well and I still want to work?

My own health means I have more energy to take care of my students. So there.


Deb-chan here! ^-^/ said...

Dude! Don't go in before!! Sleep in!!! D:

I highly suggest not going in after, either. A Mental-health day is not something that should be half-assed. =\ Take your mental health seriously!!!

Joan said...

Good for you! I agree with Deb-chan, do not go in!

I took Tuesday off. It was delicious.

Enjoy your day!

bun2bon said...

nope, I didn't go in this morning. =) However, I did wake up at 3:50 AM for some reason and couldn't go back to sleep. So I surfed Tumblr instead. heh.