Monday, December 20, 2010

Accidental delinquent actions

Today started with a visit to the dentist, and ended up with me climbing a chain link fence because I was locked in on school grounds.

All the in between stuff: not nearly as exciting. I ate some delicious bread pudding. I graded papers while watching Gilmore Girls on my classroom LCD projector. I waffled back and forth on the logistics of how to play a review game of Jeopardy (to powerpoint, or not to powerpoint?) and, finally decided on the low-tech version because I couldn't find a pre-made one just for my purposes online. I cleaned the closets in my classroom.

I meant to leave 2:30, but decided to stay because I felt energetic enough for more work. I prepped first semester final review stuff. I fiddled around with the benchmark testing tech. I cleaned out old papers to recycle.

Then 4pm rolled around, and it was getting colder (no heat in the classroom during break), and my hands were getting too cold and stiff to type anything anymore. So I left.

And all the gates were closed and locked.

And I couldn't go out the office door because it was broken.

And there was no one else around. I called the plant manager's office to no avail.

So I hopped a fence. Felt like a delinquent. It was kinda fun - fun enough to not want to waste the energy in begging an admin for a gate key.

But not fun enough to want to do it again. I'm not as spry as I was ten years ago.

Tomorrow is another work day, and I'm leaving well before the gates lock at 3pm.

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