Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stamina - gotz none

Oh yeah, also at this delicious burger - my first one in ages!

This has always been in issue with me. I don't have much stamina - never had. I could sprint the 100 meter dash in the top 5 of my PE class, but I was always dead last when it came to running the mile. I can beat anyone in my tennis group - as long as the match is under 2 hours.

So thus, I am rounding the corner of the 4th and final lap of the school calendar and I. Am. Exhausted. Running on fumes. Beat.

Took two days off - my first official mental health days of the entire year so far. 4 sub days total - not bad, considering. And the first two were because I was sick and had lost my voice.

I foresee at least another sub day before spring break. Spring break! Lovely thought! It won't be a mental health day though, I plan on using that sub day to observe the other math teachers around campus. Whoever is willing to let me swing by and watch for 20 minutes or so.

It'll still be an easier day than a regular teaching day.

And I guess it could be worse. I'm usually in bed, asleep by 9pm. I leave work in the classroom. I exercise and eat healthy things. I read, and cook, and hang out with friends, and journal, and get sunshine (albeit, there has not been a nearly decent drop of sunshine to be had in the past three weeks - maybe that's why I'm a little gloomy) But there's nothing like a long yoga session to make me realize I haven't been breathing right, or holding proper posture, during school hours.

Without all these things, I would be a zombie.

Even with all these things, I'm still more wiped out than I am comfortable with. ::shrug::

Ack! No! Let's think of positive things! This cloud of negativity is horrible. Things I enjoyed during my self-declared 4-day weekend:

- delicious eats like strawberry shortcake, red curry bisque, dad's home cooking, chili baked potato, pineapple baos...
- reading without a time limit
- hanging out with cool people like P Jeh
- sleeping in past ::gasp!:: 7am!
- playing animal crossing like crazy
- buying myself new shoes
- finally getting a chance to watch Avatar all the way through (one LONG movie, but actually pretty good)
- enjoying gifts from my favorite place to get gifts from! (heavy duty Thermos with folding spoon, 0.3mm pencils, 2.3mm erasers, black raspberry eye cream by skin food [the korean one, not the weda one], chinese fashion magazines, korean movies)

Just thinking about the good things has made me less stressed out for tomorrow. Oh tomorrow, you will not beat me!

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