Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fancy feast

Really, NYC prep schools? Really?

Not that a kid shouldn't have one of these hippie-dippie-haute cuisine meals every so often (it's a good experience). But every day? What are you, a trust fund kid?

Oh. Wait.

I'm super interested in meals served at school. Super fascinating topic to me. I've seen the lunch menu at my school before, but I can't rattle it off the top of my head. And I don't really know what each complete meal looks like. When students come to my classroom for lunch, they tell me they don't usually take the complete meal - it's either only the hamburger, or corn dog, or orange chicken. I don't usually see vegetables or fruit (unless it's an apple, and that usually gets thrown away by the students) on their styrofoam plates.

New project: have school lunch?


Jenny O said...

You might like this:

A friend of mine showed me that a while ago. Japan had some of the better-looking lunches.

Also, if I were paying $35K in tuition for my kid to go to a fancy private school (which I'd say will prolly never happen), I sure hope the school would be feeding them better food than corn dogs. And those meals better already be covered by the insane tuition fees!

bun2bon said...

I guess I too would expect fancy lunches too, if I were paying my entire year's worth of take home pay for my kid's tuition. =p

thanks for the link! always nice to find new stuff.