Saturday, August 13, 2011

And tape. THAT STICKS.

Thanks Target. Your encouragement towards consumerism comes at just the right time.

EDIT: Here's the 8th grade PE coach version. Thanks to dkzody for the heads up.


dkzody said...

I'm not too sure if you're criticizing the ad, or what, but I like these Target ads for back to school. This one is cute, but my favorite is the PE teacher and the jump drive. That's about how the baseball coach I knew would have talked about the jump drive. Kids need these things, Target has them.

bun2bon said...

I am criticizing over-consumerism. Replace these Target ads with any other ad and the tone of my comments will still apply.

That said, I love Target and their support of their local schools, students, and educators. If I had enough cash, I would snap up Target stocks like a frog snaps up flies.

However, I don't like the insinuation that teachers put "unknown" items on student supplies lists. If I don't expect my students to use it, then I don't expect them to buy it.