Friday, May 22, 2009

The bottom 1%

This man currently holds my future job.
Photo from article linked below.

There are, apparently, 5,000 schools in the bottom 1% of low performing schools in the nation. That is a lot of schools.

This article reports that Obama wants to take over the lowest of the low (according to standardized tests, I'm assuming) schools, revamping them with new principals and new teachers. Which isn't all that different from what will happen to any school that has been on Program Improvement for 7 years running, under NCLB.

So this item really should be old news. Dear media, you can stop making such a fuss over every single item now *ahem*swineflu*ahem*, thanks.

From what I know, this is probably something the president will follow through with, rather than just to use as a threat, holding it over those schools that already have quite a bit of pressure. I hope quality people end up at those places, even if I don't really believe changing the staff around will make that much of a difference.

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