Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because interviews are scary, part VII

This is the last of this series, at least in this form. Many of my answers to these questions have changed in the 6-7 months since I last took the time to seriously look at them. Some have stayed the same. Others only need some editing and adjusting. It's nice to know that, even in this relatively short time period that I've grown and changed as an educator. Makes me think that I'll continue to grow and change as an educator for many years to come. Hopefully.


What are your long term goals?

I would like to work up to an administrative position, work with middle school and high school students teaching math, create curriculum, or work in educational policy.

What new ideas would you bring to our school?

I’m not sure the ideas I bring are necessarily new since I borrow a lot from other teachers. I do bring energy, both for teaching and teacher development knowing that life-long learning means to keep an eye out for innovative things as well as adjusting and creating my own teaching system.

Give an example of a time you went above and beyond to accomplish a task.

One of the art projects I was in charge of required some unusual materials. I hunted everywhere for them, even visiting places outside of town before finally finding the correct items.

What does loyalty mean to you?

Loyalty means understanding the person(s) in question and being consistent to and supporting the principles they hold as well as the person him/herself. Loyalty is understanding that any individual or group will have flaws, make mistakes, and sometimes be discouraged enough to abandon their principles and ideals - at least for a little while. Loyalty is being patient and willing to wait out the storm of insecurities. Loyalty is being ready and enthusiastic to pick up the job again once the storm is over.


Janet said...

middle or high school? =)

bun2bon said...

That's a good question. For me, student age matters less than a supportive school atmosphere.