Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work holiday

I'm currently on holiday in Hong Kong, officially visiting family and friends as well as to attend a wedding at the end of the month. Unofficially, I'm here looking for a summer teaching job. I've applied to several but none have contacted me yet and I'm either too wimpy, too lazy, or too procrastinate-y to call them myself and see what is up.

I'm not really in a big hurry to find a summer job, which is probably why I'm letting it go to this stage. But I would really like a grant or something for the next school year. FAFSA gave me the finger because I'm a grad student. And I can't seem to find my pin, which is needed to fill out the TEACH grant application.

These things shouldn't worry me as much as I'm letting it worry me. But still, I must worry. It's rather annoying. So of course I have to make a list to clear my head.

Priorities in this order for summer 2009

1. Be myself. You've been on a roll with this, Ms. Ng! Keep it up! This is hard to do here, when I'm supposed to be a "good daughter" and be filial and all that. Well, talking with H last night has reenergized me to run my own life the way I want to - which means not letting my family run it for me.

Note: I love my family. They are very kind to me. But all the things they do for me have been their own decisions, I have not asked for a dime myself. Unfortunately, Chinese culture doesn't view it that way.

2. Have fun. Another thing I've been pretty good at for the past two months or so now. Everyday should be a fun day.

3. Relax/chill/take the slow road. After this long, I'm still in recovery-mode from student teaching. I know the world doesn't find value in protecting yourself and your mental state, but I do and will keep it as a top priority. It's hard to do sometimes, however.

4. Think about and deal with CSUS Fall 2009 stuff. I'm worried because they haven't even given me my student teaching registration codes yet. What is up with that?

5. Think about and deal with summer job stuff. This is relatively low on the list.

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