Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memory lane - Things I will not do as a teacher

Most of my teaching philosophy is based on research and what I've learned while teaching. But a good chunk of it is still rooted, sometimes illogically, in my own experiences as a student.

While reading through some of my old journals, I came across this, in list form of course:

R 3/31/05 11:40pm

Things I will not do as a teacher:

-Announce exams with just a week notice.

-Announce homework with just a day notice.

-Skip essential steps in understanding something.

-Be late or start class late.

-Assign a text that is no longer in print.

-Say things like “obviously” or “clearly” as the only way to explain something.

-Write illegibly small or messy.

-Make my alpha’s look like 2’s.

-Lecture straight from the text.

-Use PowerPoint to do examples or proofs.

-Announce class news only online and not in class.

-Have set office hours, whether students come in to them or not.

-Wait for the student to come to me for questions.

-Say “um” or “ok” or “uh” etc every three words.

-Be a ‘sage on the stage.’

-Never waste class time by having students do homework assignments and walk around asking if they understand, especially when clearly they don’t.

-Condescend. Tell students they can’t learn without a teacher. Tell students they can’t learn something, anything that they wish.

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