Sunday, June 21, 2009

The first day of summer!

School's out! Summer time has come,
School's out! Time to have some fun,
School's out! Life is like a blast, at last!

Well, technically, most schools have been out for at least a week by now. School summer doesn't always follow with nature's summer. But then, where I live, it sometimes feels like nature's summer started in the middle of May since it gets so hot so quickly.

A lot of students I know are taking summer school. Which I commend. I took summer school every single summer starting in 4th grade, with the exception of the summer between high school and college. It's a good experience and teaches a lot of discipline.

I don't think I know any teachers teaching summer school this year. I'm not sure I would do it either, I don't know. The normal school year is so rough already. And I like vacations. But then, most of my vacations are "working vacations" anyway. Having a blog makes that life-style pretty much normal. Plus, I like to keep busy.

So it might be nice for students to take it easy on their break too. Although I think I would always assign summer homework to my students, both outgoing and in-coming. Same goes for breaks during the school year as well. After all, I am trying to foster life-long learning. The work will just be less rigorous.

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