Monday, June 22, 2009

Paper plate chase

I suck at running. I started training myself into running about three weeks ago. Progress is slow.

As a kid, I hated running too. I was always the slowest, least graceful runner on track days. I prefer throwing. Even the hurdles was better than plain running. Which is why I leapt onto the following activity with glee.

Paper plate tag is basically tag while shuffling around with paper plates on your feet. It's really fun, a perfect rainy day game (just push aside the furniture - or better yet, make an obstacle course out of them), and accessible to all students of all fitness levels. It can be played outdoors too - I would test out different types of plates on different surfaces to see which combination is the safest first.

Materials needed:
- paper (or foam) plates, 2 per student
- an open area for students to move around
- timer (optional)

I've modified this game by merging it with "steal-the-bacon" (although in hindsight, I probably didn't need to do that) and with "silent ball" to make it a quiet game.

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