Friday, July 10, 2009

Field trip Fridays

Sigh. Public transportation would make field trips so much easier.

I loved field trips - still do. In this area, I once again lucked out with teachers that executed fun, off-the-beaten track trips: to the nearby McDonald's, to the library, to city hall. All of which were walking trips. This little detail I've only recently started to appreciated to it's fullest extent, since booking a school bus costs somewhere upwards of $400.

Besides, the walk itself was a feature of the trip. We got exercise, were allowed to hop and skip (but no running, and had to follow the line like those little french girls in the Madeline books), could chat with our friends. We even sang songs as a class. It was awesome. I'm not sure how exciting today's fifth graders would view a walk to the local community center to view a play would be. Even the poorest of my students have cell phones and ipods (ugh, don't even get me started on this part of parenting - they have ipods for crying out loud! and yet they don't even buy their own pencils. what is up with that?), and are jaded and worldly. Although that can all be an act too.

Still, I think field trips are exciting just for the chance to leave the classroom, leave the campus, and go! That's the "wanderlust" in me I suppose. I've been doing a little research into field trips, and since Fridays are the most common days for them, as well as the continuation of alliteration, I'll write about them here on this day of the week.

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