Monday, August 31, 2009

In which I'm a flaming retard

As dumb and floppy as this crocheted bag

Today, for the first time in my academic career, I went to the wrong class. I went to the wrong class and sat through nearly all of it before I realized my mistake.

Let's start from the beginning shall we? Well, I supposed the beginning beginning, as with many other problems today, boils down to the economy.

Deep slump in the economy => less taxes => budget cuts => The Great Teacher Pink-Slip and Non-Hiring Extravaganza of '09 => more teachers going back to school => more people enrolling in the same masters classes that I'm in => the university suddenly creating another section of the course to accommodate the influx => me not realizing that I had been booted to a different section => me running clear across campus at 7 PM after getting happy and excited for 2.5 hours to get to my actual class.

They did send out a notification email about the change to me, and I did read it. However, I had checked my course schedule online the same day, probably not even an hour prior to reading that email, and I was complacent and didn't think I had to check my registration again.

And thus, another episode of when the gods of communications are not on my side.

But both the professors were really nice about it, and they both let me choose which section I wanted to stay in. And the one I was supposed to be in had a student add at the last minute anyway, so if I stayed in the one I'm not supposed to be in it would balance out the class size. I also like the assignments and the layout of the course a smidgen better in the section that I'm not supposed to be in.

So it worked out in the end. I am really excited about this course, and I anticipate a lot of learning and professional growth from it. I didn't know graduate course class sizes are supposed to be 10 students. In each section of this class I'm taking, there are now 16. Well, this is what teachers do I guess. When there is no work to be had, we go back to school ourselves.

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