Monday, August 31, 2009

Media Mondays: Blackline Masters

Faded pajamas = comfy. Faded papers = headache.

I hate faded copies of stuff. Which is why these Blackline Masters are at the top of my resources links list on the right.

Ok, well, it's set to appear by alphabetical order. I lied.

Anyway, it's something I'm glad to have. This is a resource that came with my math methods text - although, as with many other teaching resources, it's free to all who know how to get to it. With a few clicks, a fresh copy can be printed out. No more, "Ms. Ng! My paper is weird!" or "How come I can't see that problem on my copy?"

I haven't actually had many chances of using them however. Well, I should say I haven't created many lessons that include these things. Because no matter how wonderful (or otherwise) my CT's classrooms are, they have their own ideas of how to teach math and I'm in no position to tell them to do it differently.

Although I do like to think I have the power to rock the boat, just a little.

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