Saturday, August 15, 2009

The (other) class pet

Brown-nosers can be very annoying. I didn't particularly like them as a student because they hogged the teacher's time, which didn't seem very fair to me. I don't particularly like them as a teacher because they hog my time and I end up not being able to pay as much attention to the rest of the class.

But Bernice* was one of my first grade students last year who really sucked up like nothing else. She was a little older than the other students, since there was some sort of mix up with her shots records and she started kinder a year later than expected. Because of this, she knows she can be a much bigger helper than the other students, and thus took advantage of the closer role she played with me and my CT.

She wasn't a particularly manipulative kid. Although I know she sometimes purposefully uses the bathroom pass during class so that she can take the consequence of staying in during recess time to do academic stuff with the teacher (that was the rule in KM's classroom).

So I wonder if brown-nosers do what they do because they crave that attention from adults? I would think most students crave that kind of attention from adults. And considering the typical background of students in Title I schools, it's no wonder.

Still, I can't "save" every single kid. That's not my job, neither is it my responsibility. That sounds cruel, but I really dislike that motive for being a teacher. I can't save my students from the cycle of poverty. They have to save themselves. I can only give them the tools and skills and experiences that might help them with their goals.

So Bernice, and other brown-nosers, I wish you well. But you do need to get out of my face sometimes, no offense intended.

*Not the real name

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