Friday, September 25, 2009

The one best system

It looks the same from here.

There's a lot that's different between bureaucratization of education in the 19th century and James Banks' Multicultural Education theory. Yes Banks, I said theory because it is a theory, not yet a reality.

But there's a lot that is the same as well. What is with the general need for schools to be uniform and the same from campus to campus? When I teach art within the same district, I sometimes forget which school I'm at, until I see the students, because they all look the same. Same building colors, same campus layout, even the teachers and staff all seem the same.

So if we make all schools use the Multicultural Education system, then how is that any different from NCLB? Which, by the way, has an eerie similarity to the urbanization of schools around the 1900's. It's all "same same but different."

And I think I've found an idea for my thesis. Or at least for one of the projects on the way.

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