Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lessons from the post office

Creepier than those murals in gothic cathedrals.

Lesson #1

It is usually never convenient to visit the post office.

Lesson #2

There is usually a long line at the post office.

Lesson #3

Don't give the postal workers a hard time, because their job is one of the most boring on earth.

Lesson #4

I feel bad for the people who sit outside the post office and ask for change. Because I usually don't have change. And because I wish we live in a world where asking for change isn't necessary.

Lesson #5

Printing postage online is pretty cool.

Lesson #6

This is quite possibly the easiest chore to postpone.....and postpone.....and postpone..... It's a wonder I manage to ever get anything sent to anyone.

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