Sunday, September 27, 2009

Standards Sundays: Grade 5 writing applications (genres and their characteristics)

It's only photographic evidence that I was here if I was actually in the photo. Although I could have shopped myself into it somehow.

Ha, it seems like the titles for this tag gets longer and longer as I go. We must be so specific! We must be so wordy! Because that is the one and only way to write!


Students will:

A) write narratives with plot, point of view, setting, and conflict in a way that shows rather than tells the story.
B) write responses to literature that shows understanding of the text, gives supporting evidence, and develops interpretations.
C) write reports that have framed questions around a topic and develops said topic with details and explanations.
D) write persuasive letters or compositions which clearly state the objective, provides relevant evidence, and is organized to address reader concerns

Basically, the main goal is to provide supporting evidence for their writing, whatever it may be. Which is really the most difficult thing to do for many writers. Even in at the graduate level, this part is creating a lot of headaches for my classmates. My issue with it is that sometimes I write evidence in a way that looks like an opinion. And that confuses me to no end.

Connections between the evidence and opinion are rather delicate to deal with too. It's probably important to read with a critical eye - since evidence can be misleading. So in the end, a good writer is a good reader. And a good reader is a good writer. They go hand in hand.

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