Saturday, October 3, 2009

A day in a life #3

4:55 AM - Stupid alarm.

5:15 AM - Morning bunny time makes me happy.

5:30 AM - Must eat a LARGE breakfast or else I will die from hunger.

5:55 AM - Commute.

6:35 AM - Still commuting.

7:20 AM - STILL commuting.

8:00 AM - First bell.

11:30 AM - LUNCH! And I finally get to pee! Life is good at this moment.

12:25 PM - Computer lab prep. I love prep.

1:55 PM - Bye kids! Time to correct papers, lesson plan, organize, clean, and prep for the next day.

2:45 PM - Teacher's turn to go home.

4:30 PM - I lied! Master's course: Pluralistic and Multicultural Societies in Education

7:20 PM - Now I get to go home. Yay!

10:17 PM - Dies on floor. Bunny steps all over my dead body looking for carrots.


vicky said...

wow. you have a super long commute!

bun2bon said...