Friday, October 2, 2009

So far so good

All blue skies and palm trees.

Phase 3 take 2 is going well. My teaching can be improved of course, but overall I'm getting decent reviews from all those who are reviewing my performance.

The MA classes are going splendid. The volume of difficult and dense readings can be intimidating upon first glance, but I'm into it by at least the second page. And I'm retaining a lot more information than I thought I would after just the first read. The assignments are fun and challenging and intellectually rewarding. I was so apprehensive about going into the master's for such a long time and now my brain is all, "You worrywart, all that anxiety was for nought!" My brain has also been using more academic, and slightly British, words like "nought" and "astonishment" and "bothered." This is not a bad thing.

After school art has been going well. I cut back on my classes a little, more so because I can't be in Sac at 2:10 PM and magically appear in Manteca fifteen minutes later than because I don't want more classes. But the classes I do have are going well. I have some really fun stories from these students too.

Life has been going well. I'm excited about many personal pet projects and potential social events in the near future. Momiji has made home life go much smoother - having a pet makes you live longer and happier, it's scientifically proven. There are still inconsistencies and things I'm not completely satisfied with. But we all need goals, right?

And now I've probably jinxed it.

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