Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Like a garden path that has to end somewhere.

Well, that was a good run. Six months of one-post-a-day, but of course it had to end sometime. Not that I've quit blogging. On the contrary, just as I was starting to run out of ideas, the education world vomits a whole slew of things into my lap for consideration. As if I was the only person to consider them.

Recent events

a) A big rig decided to flip over in the middle of my route to school yesterday morning. It took me over 2 hours, when the morning commute usually takes 45-50 minutes. I was So. Freaking. Late. Luckily, this happened during student teaching when it doesn't really matter because I'm not the sole adult in the room. Still, it wasn't exactly a good start to the day.

b) Related to a), my personal goal of living within a 10 minute walk from my workplace is re-ignited.

c) Just as I got to school, and just as I got started teaching, I was called to the kindergarten room. To cover for the kindergarten teacher. Because the kindergarten teacher had a meeting with the principal. This, in my eyes, is so not cool. At the time, I didn't mind, but being taken out in the middle of teaching a new segment I just picked up this week, not being able to experience that, or get feedback from my CT, that SUCKS. I totally brought this up with my supervisor. Let's hope it doesn't happen again.

d) We got a new student! My CT is not so happy about this change because they just called him down (right before they called me) and plopped a new student in our class without prior notice. When our class was already at 27 enrollment and the other two fifth grade classes were at 25 each. Where is the even distribution here?

e) Some days I love teaching art. Some days I'm ready to leave it for something new. Yesterday was a good art teaching day.

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