Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some snippets of awesome (or more like awesomely hilarious) writing from my students. The writing assignment was to write a three paragraph "how to" essay. Parentheses are my own thoughts, not communicated to the students of course.

"How to act dum (sic)" was the title of one essay. (um.....)

"Have your siblings ever gotten you in trouble? Well, now it's your turn to get them in trouble." (vindictive much?)

"Have you ever flushed a fish in the toilet? That is the improper way of taking care of them." (no joke)

"As bait, put your sister's favorite toy on the floor." (another essay about tricking siblings; I'm reminded of Homer and donuts)

"If you haven't tried homemaid, try it you will have a blast (sic)." (that's what she said. ok, ok, vulgar, yes, but still hilarious)

"Are you hungry? If yes, then you should read my essay on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." (as if reading an essay will ease hunger. actually this student is a pretty good writer, it's just this part was too funny)

"If your pie is cheesecake, DON'T MICROWAVE IT!!!!" (or else it will become cheesecake soup?)

"Annoying your younger sibling is worth it." (does Loreal know you are taking their catch phrase?)

"Tip number one: you must get paid for watching the kids, or the deal is off." (employee rights! booyah!)

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