Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Media Mondays (on a Tuesday): FAIL

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(It seems like you have to click on the photo in order to read what the bottom of the note says.)

I have some pretty strong spiritual beliefs. Typically of the non-fundamental kind, even if I do agree with some of the details presented in this parent's rather angry letter.

However, if I were the teacher of the student who's parent sent this letter in to me, I would:

- first, be rather pissed off.
- second, sorry for the kid.
- third, laugh it off and throw the note in the trash.

I'm also tempted to return a note to the parent saying, "Thank you for wasting my time by making me read your long note about your beliefs, which really have nothing to do with the logistics of the field trip. Which is what I mainly care about right now."

Seriously. If parents have the time and energy to write long, irrelevant notes to teachers, then they have enough time and energy to come to school and volunteer in the classroom.

So there.


Anonymous said...

just because a parent has 5-7 minutes to write a note expressing their sincerely held religious beliefs does not mean that they have a couple of hours to 'volunteer" in class. Also, many schools(including mine in manhattan) do not allow parents to volunteer in their children's classroom.

I do enjoy your blog other than this post. (And I do not know the parent(s) in question and therefore your comment may be justified)
concerned parent(NYC)

bun2bon said...

You have a fair approximation of how long it takes to write a note. I'm still think that note was an example of wrong-place-wrong-time.

I am happy to sit and have a conversation about religious topics with anyone, including parents. Let's do it over coffee on a leisurely afternoon rather than over a passive-aggressive kind of note.

That's terrible about your school not letting parents volunteer. Terrible.