Monday, January 18, 2010


My Sunday school students and the Operation Christmas Child project, 2009.

I'm not sure when exactly Martin Luther King Jr. Day became "Day of Service." The website said it was established in 1994. If it was, I wonder why I had never heard of it before last year. Was I living in a cave? Because that would be plausible.

At any rate, I like the idea. One day of service in an entire year isn't nearly enough - like how people generally celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - it's better than nothing.

Although I shouldn't say that ANYTHING is better than nothing. Good intentions are only good actions when the resulting action doesn't blow up in your face. Just like hope is only wishful thinking if the expectations are not followed through.

I've already discussed the idea of taking students to the local park with large orange bags and trash pokers. What are some other ideas? Kid-friendly ideas I mean. Ideas that doesn't send the principal into a panic, shouting "oh the liability!" at strangers in passing cars.

I already know I want a buddy class for my room. The students can read, play games, mentor other kids.

I like painting murals, removing gang graffiti and installing street art (guerilla gardening, any one?).

I like doing things for the elderly and people in convalescent homes. Students can read to them as well.

Well, in the end, I like many community service activities. I'm planning out some of the logistics in my head now, before I actually have my own class, so that I get most of the work done beforehand. Which increases the chance that I'll actually implement my plans.

And that's the catch, right? At least with me. I can plan and plan until kingdom comes, but it'll all be nought if I don't do anything about it. It doesn't have to be perfectly executed. That's something I trip up over too.

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