Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blocking the view

Last week, I met a new tutoring student. She is in the 12th grade. She is the first student I've met who is one of the statistics concerning high school grads and their lack of basic math skills. Which end up hindering them like that tree hinders the view of the house above.

Because she doesn't know her multiplication tables. It really shouldn't take a 12th grader a full minute to figure out what 3x9 is.

You can imagine how lacking she is in her division facts too.

But props to her for resisting the urge to use a calculator. She's a quick learner too, so I'm not worried about her progress.

However, those times tables need work. It's something that should be down pat, backwards and forwards, but the end of 4th grade. If not sooner.

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