Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Not so Irish

Green in star jasmine = good. Garish green of hats and leprechauns = not so much.

I'm not a big fan of St. Patrick's Day. Partly because I don't like the taste of beer. Partly because it's the anniversary of my Horrible Teaching Day of horrible teaching days last year. And Partly because it's just too frat-bro for me.

But there's tons of other things to commemorate on March 17th! On this day:

- In 1950, researchers at UC Berkeley found the 98th element and named it "Californium."

- In 1959, the current Dalai Lama fled Tibet for exile in India.

- In 1845, the rubber band was patented.

- In 1919, Nat King Cole was born.

- 1853, Christian Doppler (as in the Doppler Effect) died.

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