Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rolling stone

Third column from the left is home sweet home.

I used to have a blog titled, "Rolling the Stone." Despite the vague Biblical allusion, it was really more about the fact that I change my mind. A lot. In fact, I change my mind so often that it can be mistaken for not being able to make up my mind at all.

But I can make up my mind. Seriously. The moment I decide something I do it. It isn't as often a fault as it sounds. I'm not impetuous - I think things through. But I don't drag my feet about once the thinking is done either. Like the moment I decided to do a series study the California content standards, I wrote the first post on it. Or at least I wrote it the first chance I got. I don't think I was actually near a computer when I made the decision.

Three weeks ago, I made a decision to study the standards in a holistic way. I wrote one post on it. And then changed my mind. Not because it isn't worth it to study the standards in that way. It is highly useful. But I've just come to realize since then that knowing the standards is really less important than knowing my students and their needs.

So I'm spending more time studying the modern student. Which means less available time studying the standards. Which is tacked onto formal lesson plans like an after-thought anyway. And, like always I made that decision a few days ago, so I'm acting upon it now. Which means no more standards. Until I change my mind again.

On a related note, I was offered an NET job last week. I turned it down because they needed me to go across the Pacific immediately. The job is full-time, but short term, only through June. I wanted to take it, I really did. However, I couldn't bring myself to drop my current tutoring students - especially the NCLB kid, who already had two other tutors drop on her before I showed up. I told them no, and I asked they would keep me in mind for future positions.

Today, I was thinking of asking if that position was still open. My NCLB kid finishes tutoring May 2. My other tutees are traditional students. They can live without me. My other obligation can live without me too. I can get on a plane on the 2nd, arrive on the 3rd, and do nearly two full months as an NET with the possibility of renewal in the fall. That would be sweet.

Still some more thinking before I actually write the email. I like my yes to mean yes, and my no to mean no. The position may not even be open anymore, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


Deb-chan here! ^-^/ said...

Dude... are we destined to never be on the same side of the Pacific Ocean? XD

bun2bon said...

Haha. It seems like it doesn't it? Who knows, maybe some cool public, urban school will hire me as their new elementary teacher and I get to stay in Cali. =p