Saturday, May 8, 2010

More than I ever wanted to know about Justin Bieber

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My 4th grade NCLB student has to read at least 30 minutes a day. So, on Thursday, we read for 50 minutes. Because we could.

She read the above book, then wrote a short summary and her personal thoughts on the reading for her reading log. It was pretty entertaining, surprisingly.

Did you know Bieber is a child of divorce?

Did you know his family lived below the poverty line?

Did you know he won second place in a singing competition - singing the same song that shot him to YouTube fame? Which makes me wonder all the different types of successes - such a teeny-bopper idol without even winning first.

My student was really into it. Apparently, she's his "biggest fan." Good grief, she's only 9. But then, I had my own teeny-bopper idols too: I had HUGE infatuations with Billy Piper, Destiny's Child, and Twins. The only difference is that I went though the tween-obsession stage when I was nearly twenty. Late-bloomer, no?

This new student is pretty fun to teach. She works hard, and listens, and gets it with relative ease. Perhaps the flighty-ness is what's been holding her back.

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