Sunday, May 9, 2010

Spring fever

Clear skies, fluffy clouds.

The warmer weather and longer days have been getting to my students - and to me as well.

I forgot my pencil bag at a place I won't visit for another week.

I forgot dad had already prepared a dessert for Mother's Day, and I bought another dessert.

I made a huge mess of my room and my work table - a literal paper, clothes, pillows, blankets, books, cds, and bags hurricane.

I have a back log of applications and queries to get done.

I haven't planned this week's lessons for both art and tutoring yet.

There are another three of those BIG post-it notes worth of to-do that haven't been done yet.

And yet I'm happy. My sloppiness is a non-priority. Life is good. What a complete 180 from around this time last year. I'm taking a minute to savor this feeling, so I can remember it and come back to it later, when I'm less benign about that to-do list.

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