Monday, May 10, 2010

Media Mondays: Noisy Decent Graphics

A workable lesson on the importance of being specific when writing. No activities at all? Not even walking, or driving?

The things students - and grown ups too - see on a daily basis affects them quite deeply, especially if the things they see are shocking, or beautiful, or cool. We've become a very visual civilization after all.

I like to meander over to Noisy Decent Graphics sometimes to get a visual break from text, or even other graphics. For some reason,the graphics associated with elementary teaching are very Windows 95, and can sometimes be painful to look at. I personally prefer a sleeker, modern look that's functional as well as snazzy.

Which is too bad, since there are a lot of really cool, attention-grabbing stuff out there. Let's all take a lesson out of those ideas, yeah?

Photo from here.

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