Friday, June 18, 2010

YOU catch up to ME

Hello there, snail-lio. Working hard, or hardly working?

Today, in art class:

Student: (whine) Wait! I'm not finished yet! Slow down!

Me: Kiddo, it's your job to keep up with ME.

Some weeks ago, also in art class:

Co-teacher: (whispers) There's a student that's behind, can you slow down?

Me: I'm going at the middle-rate. I'm not going to slow down for one or two students. They need to catch up to ME.

The co-teacher gave me an exasperated look at the time. But you know what the student from today's conversation did? He sped up. His eyes lit up. He didn't say anything in reply, but I could tell from the look on his face that a fire in his belly had been lit. At the end of art class, he had quite an awesome drawing - probably not the neatest, nor the most creatively colored, but still awesome. Because he took the effort and gave it his all, and was proud of his achievement. And he knew it.

So there, co-teacher. I light fires in my students' bellies. I highly suggest that you do too.


vicky said...

hooray for being an inspiration, Bonnie!!

bun2bon said...

haha. I think that kid thought I was more annoying than inspiring. but hey, whatever works to get them to do what they need to do.