Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Oh. My. Freaking. Pooh. Cow. WHY was I so obstinate about getting a single subject credential? WHAT on earth was I doing in elementary when I don't even like little kids that much? WHERE have you been 8th graders, and WHY have I not taught more of you sooner?

You get my jokes.

You get sarcasm, and appreciate it.

You don't have to go to the bathroom every. Freaking. Minute.

You get logic. You're reasonable.

You can read my messy handwriting.

Most of you don't have helicopter parents anymore.

Today was the most golden teaching day ever. Better than yesterday. Better than ANY day I've ever spent teaching. Sure, I got to school two hours early. Sure, I stayed two hours late (aka something I promised myself never to do again after Spring 2009). Sure, I have swamped myself in paperwork right off the bat.

But boy, is it worth it. Even Devil Kid was an angel today. Not saying I'm letting my guard down. I'm just saying he hasn't shown any reason to make me want to wring his skinny little neck out, or put him in detention until he's 80. I WILL NOT let my guard down.

I'm so exhausted, but I'm so happy right now.

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