Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iriguchi, deguchi, Taguchi desu!

Title of this entry is from a running gag, meaning "That's the entrance, that's the exit, and here's Taguchi!"

Setting: 3rd period pre-algebra class

Context: Reviewing rules and expectations of the classroom. I tell my students to grab lots of tissue before they sit down so that they don't have to get up to get it.

Student: But what if my nose suddenly starts running?

Me: Then you better catch it.

Half the class got it, half didn't. I thought it was pretty clever. Heh.


vicky said...

i'd say you're quite clever. looks like some students need to develop their sense of humor...

bun2bon said...

I know! They should all have been made speechless with my sharp wit! haha!