Friday, September 3, 2010


Lobster roll! Yatta!

Yay! My district email is up and running!

Yay! I can log in to the school scheduling system!

Yay! I'm going to spend a good portion of the weekend putting up my Teacher Web page!

And last but not least, in 6th period today:

Me: The homework I am passing out today isn't due until Wednesday, since Tuesday is a block period day, and I won't see you for 5 days.

Student Sitting Smack in the Front Row Right Under My Nose: YES!

Me: *spins around and glares at him* You sound WAY too happy about that.

Everyone: *laughs*

It's been light-hearted for the most part. I still need another layer of teaching to get my lower students more fired up about math. I already have a list of potential tutoring students. And I'm keeping up with the paper work, even if I do have to get to school early and stay late.

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