Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The mean is the average

Will making more spectacular breakfasts lead to more spectacular teaching days?

Today was a mediocre teaching day. It wasn't bad, but I wasn't completely on the ball either.

5:30 AM - Wake up to alarm. Spend some time writing to "mind dump" thoughts.

6:40 AM - Leave for school. Prep, prep, prep! Finally got bad emails taken care of, as well as fully integrated the eleven new students into my filing system.

8:00 AM - SST meeting with 8th grade counselor and other teachers. We talked about 5 students, 3 of whom are mine. It seems like things are progressing for all students, but they still have a long way to go.

8:40 AM - Rush to bathroom and finalize the day's plans.

8:50 AM - Advisory! Video broadcast on the consequences of bring knives to school. I read the bulletin.

9:02 AM - 2nd period. By far the most well behaved, best self-monitoring class to date. Might change in the future, but this class is great.

10:41 AM - Bye bye 2nd period! Hello 4th!

11:15 AM - I still feel like I'm not making enough connections for Algebra Readiness. Most students did very well on the Chapter 2 quiz though. As and Bs were most common with only a couple lower grades.

12:23 PM - Bye bye 4th period! Hello lunch!

1:01 PM - ::sigh:: Lunch is way too short. Spent it prepping. SSR time for 6th period!

1:16 PM - SSR over! 6th period is by far the rowdiest class I have. Is it because it's the last class of the day? Is it because of stuff I'm doing? Or not doing? Gotta rein it in more.....consequences time! But to be honest, there is no need for further consequences after I give them a warning. It's just that they need a warning EVERY DAY. How to remedy this? Tally marks? With a prize at the end of the week?

2:55 PM - FREEDOM. And first bathroom break in SIX. FREAKING. LONG. HOURS.

2:56 PM - JUST KIDDING about the freedom. Grading papers, recording scores, and figuring out activities for the mobile lab. Made copies, lesson planned, cleaned up the aftermath of today's lessons (also gotta figure out a more efficient method of keeping things organized throughout the day - I tend to get messier as the day progresses), did paper work, cleaned transparencies.

6:05 PM - Leave for home. Eat dinner, shower, blog, check email.

7:35 PM - Sadly, I will probably be asleep within the hour.


vicky said...

wow! i didn't know my middle school teachers put in so much work before and after school for us students. how did they have time for a family or a social life??

bun2bon said...

hehe. I think it's just the crazy-perfectionist, first-year middle school teachers that do this. Most teachers, once they've set up a full year's worth of material during their first year, don't spend as much time at school as I do. =p