Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smart Goals

Comfort food for failed goal setting.

My school has this thing called Smart Goals. It's basically student centered goals you want your classes to accomplish this year - goals that are measurable, trackable, and has a time limit.

The math team chose to keep track of homework assignments coming in. Each student should turn in 80% of all homework assignments. My classes have had 14-15 homework assignments so far. 80% of 15 is 12. So each student shouldn't have missed more than 3 assignments so far.

Have I just set myself up for failure?

There are definitely students who are missing WAY more than 3 assignments. I counted them today: the record is 9 missing assignments.

Oh boy. I suppose I'll have to figure out something like a work day to get that number righted. The students with missing assignments will spend time in class completing a make-up assignment. The students who have all their work turned in can play math games with the mobile lab.

Oh yeah. I have a mobile lab in my room. It's a cart filled with internet-ready MacBooks, as well as installed with software called Study Island. It's great!

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