Saturday, August 8, 2009


Every time I look on the Edjoin listings, I get such mixed feelings. It's depressing because I'm so not ready for most of the listings I'm qualified for. It's exciting because I like knowing there is much more work to do, not just in terms of my own professional development, but also the sheer space for expansion into really creative stuff that can happen in education.

Well, it CAN happen. It definitely won't happen all at once, or any time soon. But then, what does?

This probably makes absolutely no sense to anyone right now. It probably won't make very much sense to me after a while. I forget my own train of thought really easily. But there is one word I would like to remind myself now, and at a later date:

PERSISTENCE! Like those dolls that always stand back up no matter how much they get punched down.

Er, well, that is until I manage to punch a hole completely through it. When that happens (there is no if, I know it will happen) it'll be time for a change in strategy once more. Something that will either patch it up, or make it new. I'll stop here, because now it really doesn't make sense except for the weirdo inside my head.

P.S. Two more words: DETERMINATION! ENDURANCE! That is all for now.

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