Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything but

Ono Hawaiian Barbeque: everything's good except for the veg. Why can't they grill some zucchini instead of this tasteless pile of cabbage?

It's 7:45 PM on Friday night. I'm with my last tutee of the week. She's a very bright girl and catches on quick, but at the most inexplicable times, she has these senior moments that make me smack my forehead.

For example:

Me: Now all you have to do is simplify the radical. The square root of 144 is.....?

Student: 14!

Me: No.

Student: 11.

Me: No.

Student: 13.

Me: No.

Student: 15! 18! 16!

Me: Dude, you are saying every number EXCEPT the correct answer.

Student: (pause) 12?

Me: Yes! Finally!

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