Friday, March 19, 2010

Field trip Fridays: The Bay Trail

The Bay Trail is long. Very long. I'm just talking about the part near SFO today.

It's a nice picnic area.

Besides the planes landing and taking off, and *maybe* a connection to marine life (though for that, there are better choice than this place), there really is no obviously strong academic connection to this field trip location. I'm just attracted to the idea of having a "Last Day of School Class Picnic and Game Day" here. You know, as a reward for working hard throughout the school year, celebrating achievements, reflecting on growth, and getting excited about all that is to come.

This section gave me the chills when I walked it. For some reason, it reminded me of the TST Promenade in Hong Kong - the area that fewer tourists go to, towards Hung Hum. They don't look anything alike. However the combination of marine air, a well-maintained sidewalk, the presence of a Starbucks, and the roar of nearby-yet-partly-hidden traffic gave me a strong sense of familiarity.

I also love the fact that free parking exists somewhere on the SF peninsula. Awesomeness.

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