Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One more week

The nervousness comes in waves.

In other news, I'm not sure what to say when people tell me my room neighbor is, um, nosy. And likes to come in while people are teaching and interrupt them. I think I will be teed off enough about that to speak out, if it happens.

Pretty much have the room set up, the system in place, and the first week ran off on the xerox. This next week will be the longest, and the quickest, at the same time.


Hedgetoad said...

Close your door - and if said person comes in while you are teaching, you can interupt yourself to inquire what they need and then inform him/her that you don't like to be disturbed while teaching or just ignore him/her while you are teaching and leave them standing there until you are ready to pause.

I've found the ignoring to nip interuptions in the bud, but I don't have a problem with being a bitch.

Also, lock everything up (including your computer) anytime you leave the room, if you are worried about someone being too nosy.

bun2bon said...

Neighbor Teacher has only done it once so far. I take preemptive measures by going to her and asking questions, rather than her coming to me and telling me what to do. =)