Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hamsters, the other white meat

These would be a closer guess.

This week has been full of zingers - too many to count. I come home, lock myself in my bathroom and laugh like a lunatic.

Because laughing in front of the students' faces would make them feel bad.

The best one this week so far:

Me: *makes a joke* What do you call a an ambulance for pigs?

*dramatic pause as all eyes stare at me*

Me: A HAMbulance! Hahahaha!

Student #1: I don't get it.

Student #2: Because HAM comes from pigs, dummy.

Student #1: REALLY? Miss, is that true? Ham comes from pigs??

Me: Yes.

Student #2: Where did you THINK ham comes from?

Student #1: I don't know, hamsters?

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