Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 level jump

Student: Ms. Ng! You have a tumblr?!
Me: Yes...
Student: Wow! You just upped like, 15 levels of coolness!
Me: Um, thanks.

The dangers of tutoring and reading emails from my non-school account at the same time. This kid has eyes like an eagle - or maybe she is just particularly sensitive to the word "tumblr" - to be able to see that one message title among 50 on my screen.


On a more disappointing note, I caught one kid whispering the answers of a test to the kid behind her during class today. The saddest part is that the test wasn't even for their overall grade! It was a diagnostic test to see how ready they are for Algebra 1.

I sent them to the office with referrals right away. Head of student services has a tendency to slap kids who cheat with an automatic Saturday School. Which is well deserved.

But I can't say how much that bummed me out. I really like these two kids too. I am so disappointed in them. They need to be disappointed in themselves.

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